Teach Manager

Bangalore, India

If you are a naturally motivated leader who wants to be actively involved with grass root level projects, and if you possess great interpersonal, leadership and project management skills, you would be perfect for this job.



  • Managing national events throughout the year
  • Ensuring the effective implementation of the Teach Program.
  • The 2 key aspects of your work would be Center Management & Volunteer Management.
  • Manage the operational aspects of 2-3 Learning Centers and the volunteers in Bangalore as well as other cities across India
  • Be responsible for troubleshooting, addressing issues with the volunteers.
  • Build leadership capacity among volunteers.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral);
  • Excellent project management skills with ability to lead and drive work streams from initiation to completion;
  • Self-starter with an excellent ability to work autonomously to identify and serve needs with minimal supervision;
  • Ability to organize and complete multiple tasks by establishing priorities while taking into consideration special assignments, frequent interruptions, deadlines, available resources and multiple reporting relationships;
  •  Coordinating with multiple people while running events with consistent follow-up
  •  Communicating the vision behind projects to the  teach team
  •  Developing content for event marketing (PPTs, posters etc)
  • Mentor your team of volunteers. How cool is that? You get to instill hope and grit in the next generation. Okay, slight exaggeration there.

Must haves:

  •  Project management skills and able to work well with a tasklist
  •  Proficient with google sheets & PowerPoint
  • Impressive relational and project management skills
  • Lead/handle a training session armed with a power point presentation that uses a minimum of 5 colours. JK. 
  • Crazy good communication skills. Like Goalcast worthy. Or at least close..
  • Excellent relational and leadership skills to manage the volunteers.
  • Ability to lead a team of volunteers and conduct meetings, training.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Willingness to travel once a quarter.

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