(& it's not just us who think so!)


We're passionate about creating an impact

Be the change is more than just a tagline

We're intentional about building good culture.

Certified by Great Place to Work

We're serious about having fun! That's no joke ;)

When it's fun, it feels less like work.

We're a hybrid work environment

Work from home, office, anywhere.

We're flexible with our work hours

Whether you're an early bird or a late night owl, we've got you covered

We're committed to seeing you grow

If you ain't growing, you ain't living!

Work from where you're at

Depending on the role, you can either work out of our offices in Bangalore or Chennai, or work from home like so many of our team!

So what are you waiting for?

If you're ready, scroll down & let's started!

So how does this work?

We love that you want to work at U&I. We're excited. This could be the start of something great! All the best!

  • Get to know U&I 

    Before you apply for a job, spend some time understanding what we do. Give our website and Annual Impact Report a good read. It will help you get to know us before we begin the journey of getting to know you. 


  • Find the job that suits your skill set 

    When you read through the available roles below, think about whether the role you're considering aligns with your goals. Does it take you further in your journey? Does it help you build the skills you want to get better at. 


  • Fill in the application form 

    The application form will take you about 20 mins to fill. Why so long you ask? Well, simply cos we think you're worth the time. The more we get to know you now, the less questions we will have at the interview stage.


  • HR Conversation 

    If we do think you have relevant skills and selfie taking abilities, our HR team will reach out to you.  This will be a quick call to understand if all the stars are aligning. 


  • Team Conversations 

    A 60min conversation with a  member of the team you will be working with or your direct reporting manager. You will find out more about the role, your responsibilities, what to expect and can ask any question you may have about the team, org or role.  


  • Co-founder Conversations 

    Deeper conversations to understand your values, what drives you and what makes U&I tick. A few 'out there' questions will be thrown in for good measure. 


  • Paperwork etc 

    If all goes according to plan and you do get the job, then you have the joy of filling out the paperwork. Policies, referrals, contracts and more - this is where things really heat up. Hmm. Or not! 


Find the right role for you

People you will meet on this journey

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HR, Head Honcho

Photo ofJeevana


Head of all things fundraising

Photo ofSatish


Cool Co-founder

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Fake Receptionist

Photo ofHaritha


Queen of the Teach Program

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HR, Smooth Operator

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Head Fire Starter

What do I love about working at U&I?

“U&I as an organization strives to create a healthy and conducive work environment along with a great culture. An employee's well-being, not just professionally, is of utmost priority. There's is room for recognition and room to grow. All in all, I do believe U&I is a great place to work.”


Corporate Relations Manager

“U&I to me is home. Every morning when I step into the office, it feels so good to be back. It's filled with fun, love, care & positivity! This is one place which has let me explore all my skills & take up so many challenges that has helped me understand what I'm good at. U&I doesn't just focus on organizational growth, but also the personal growth of every single person who works there”


Senior Manager, Teach Program

“Everyone here at U&I is so understanding, accommodating and empathetic. My personal space is valued and at the same time, my peers push me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. U&I's a place with a perfect balance of work and play which makes it an environment conducive to productivity.”


U&I Teach Fellow

“U&I is a great place to work because of a bunch of reasons. The work culture is amazing, you really feel connected with everyone here. You have a lot of autonomy with your projects, and the culture here is to encourage employees in learning from their mistakes rather than condoning them. You have access to the founders and a bunch of mentors in the org. And of course, leaves are flexible. Plus since the job is aligned to a cause, you always feel satisfaction in what you do.”

Akshay Kannan

Teach Manager

“U&I is really a great place for me to work! I have always got an opportunity to implement all my ideas in my work I do. I find peace and happiness in my workplace and the time I spend with my kids. My colleagues have been more good friends and My work with them as a team for these 2 years were amazing.”

Harshika Rachel

Senior Teacher, Care Program